The group Texans for Real Efficiency and Equity in Education has joined the most recent school finance litigation, arguing the the state's system of public education is inefficient because it is a monopoly. This is first time in the decades-long history of school finance litigation that a plaintiff has asked the court to consider the question of efficiency.

On this page, TCCRI will post summaries of testimony delivered by experts in the efficiency phase of the school finance litigation, as well links to their full briefs and reports. Please check back regularly for more posts.

Terry M. Moe, Stanford University

In this report, Terry M. Moe of Stanford University answers two questions posed by by the Efficiency Intervenors in the Texas School Finance Lawsuit: 1.) Is the Texas system of public free schools efficient? 2.) In his expert opinion, what changes would make the system efficient?

Report For Texas Efficiency Litigation by Terry M. Moe, Stanford University

Mark Hurley, MBA, Summary

Mark Hurley, MBA on Financial Accountability

Joseph Bast, President, Heartland Institute, Summary

Budget and Educator Impact of School Choice

Testimony On: Budget and Educator Impact of School Choice

Heartland Institute: Budget Impact of the Texas Taxpayers’ Savings Grant Program

Heartland Institute: How Teachers in Texas Would Benefit from Expanding School Choice

Professor Eric Hanushek Summary

Prof. Eric Hanushek on Texas Efficiency Litigation

Dr. Don McAdams Summary

Public Education Productivity Improvement: The Path Forward for Texas Policymakers

Dr. Don McAdams - Expert Witness Summary Report

Dr. Paul Hill Summary & Report

What keeps Texas schools from being as efficient as they could be?

Dr. Paul Hill - Expert Witness Report Summary

Read the full report Expert Witness Report of Dr. Hill

Professor Trotter Summary & Report

Prof. Richard Trotter, BBA., J.D. prepared a report for the efficiency portion of the on-going school finance litigation. A summary of his report, on the topic of structural efficiency defects, is available below, followed by a link to Professor Trotter's full report.

Clayton Trotter Expert Witness Report Summary

Read the full report Expert Witness Report of Prof. Trotter